Marketing for $2,400 a Year

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Like it or not, most of us must invest our own funds into our sales business. Yet, many salespeople, particularly relatively new salespeople, cannot afford an expensive marketing campaign. Below is a sample of how you can create a professional referral marketing campaign on a shoestring. The campaign below is NOT a mass market prospecting campaign. It is designed to market to past clients, current quality prospects, and those quality, long-term prospects in your database. Of course, the more money you have for marketing, the more you can do. But my purpose here is to show that it can be done on a shoestring.

The campaign below is based on some assumptions:
The salesperson has been in their position for only two to three years
They have a base of past clients, current prospects and quality long-term prospects of 350
They close 10 sales per month
They own a computer and a color printer
Color ink for their printer costs $62.00, tax included, and will print about 650 copies

The fastest and most reliable way for most salespeople to increase their production is through their past customers. Our salesperson will concentrate their marketing dollars on their past clients, their best prospects and current customers.

The salesperson’s marketing will consist of:

Sending 6 E-mails during the course of the year–one every other month. Cost $0
Mailing 4 postcards to each name on his mailing list (average 410). Cost .39 each
Total for 4 mailings 639.60
2 snail mailing average mailing 410 at a cost of 52 cents each 426.40
1 holiday mailing of 470 at $1.54 each 723.80
1 personal phone call during the year 0.00

1,000 personal brochures from a company such as VistaPrint 394.99
450 four color fliers designed and printed by salesperson
3 packages of 32 lb coated flier paper from Office Depot 64.79
Color ink for printer 67.12

Total Cost $2,316.70

The above allows the salesperson to:

Touch each current and past client and top prospect 14 times (about every 3 1/2 weeks) during the year

Put 2 personal brochures in the hands of each current and past client and top prospect

Create and distribute 450 less expensive personal fliers to new less than top prospects and 190 personal brochures to new top prospects

If you are new or don’t have 350 current and past clients and top prospects, take the same format and simply do your homework and identify 200-400 prospects that you really want to work with and concentrate on them. Be selective. Don’t spend you dollars on “oh, well, maybe they can afford it,” or a prospect you don’t know anything about. Focus your efforts on real prospects not just names that fill up your work hours.

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