The Research Center offers Hundreds of FREE Research Tools

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Tools You’ll Find in the Research Center include:

Networking groups in US and Canada Networking–through business, civic, and service organizations is an excellent way to find prospects, marketing partners and involve yourself in your community or your prospect’s industry. Everyone should be involved in at least one, better yet two, organizations.

Industry associations The various associations within your and your prospect’s industries are gold mines of information. Associations often will publish to the public their member directory, mountains of industry data, discussions of the industry’s current issues and problems, and more. Associations are central to any prospect or industry research.

Industry magazines and publications Like associations, subscribing to the publications dedicated to your and your prospect’s industry is an essential part of becoming an expert in your field. Publications tell you who the leaders are, help keep you informed of your competition, give you insight into the wants and needs of prospects, as well as their problems and issues. To top it off, most industry publication’s subscriptions are free. One of the best bargains in prospect research.

Research Sites Finding and researching individuals, professionals, executives, companies, and industries has been either a costly or time consuming task in the past. Our “Research Sites” sections puts a number of powerful tools at your disposal to quickly and efficiently find information about your prospects, competitors, industries, and segments. There are basic tools, such as finding a individual’s or company’s address, phone number and E-mail address; to more sophisticated tools to find individual’s biographies and company data, or finding financial data about the company; to tools that allow you to find the name and address of every licensed professional in the US; to sophisticated and specialized tools to allow you to find out who is exercising and selling restricted stock, who owns a piece of property, the status of a company’s relationship with the states they work in, to finding who the top officers in a company are; and more general tools for census, demographic, industry, and economic data. And, of course, there are more that we haven’t mentioned.

How to Use the Site’s Tools Yep. Everybody says you have to research,
hardly anyone does because they simply don’t know how without spending a ton of time and money. It can be done by simply knowing how and having the right tools.
We’ve supplied the tools, now learn how to use the efficiently.

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